Re: About dropping the style attribute

One use case is non-WYSIWYG editors, such as forums, blogs and wikis which
use BBCodes or a limited subset of HTML. If the user, for whatever reason,
wants to make a paragraph coloured #382f5c, the only current way to do so is
a style attribute. If <style scoped> was supported by anything it could
possibly be used (with I'm guessing lots of arbitrary IDs placed throughout
the user's content), but it seems like people are still discussing what part
of the tree it would apply to. I could only support removing the style
attribute if there was a workable alternative.

On 6/27/07, Daniel Glazman <>
> Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> > The problem with the style= attribute, as opposed to the <style>
> > element. Is that it encourages media specific style sheets. As the media
> > for the style= attribute is automatically "all". It also does not allow
> > for alternate style sheets. The <style> element in HTML5 handles both.
> > Having said that, I don't really care strongly either way.
> You're not using the right word. A "problem" widely used by millions
> of people and present in tens of millions of web sites is not a
> "problem", it's a "solution".
> I spent the ten last years of my life fighting against all fanatics
> wanting to get rid of this attribute. I spent the last 5 years telling
> the same to the XHTML2 WG. Seems I should continue for a while...
> </Daniel>

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