Re: SURVEY: Release "HTML 5 differences from HTML 4" as a W3C Working Draft? formal decision

2007/6/26, Jirka Kosek:
> In section 3.3:
> "There are also several global attributes that can appear on elements
> from other vocabularies when they are properly namespaced. These are
> used for repetition templates:"
> I haven't found anything about using those elements on elements from
> different namespace in HTML5 spec and WF2 spec. Moreover there is no
> concept of namespaces in HTML syntax. Either I'm missing something here
> (for which I'm sorry), or this sentence should be clarified somehow.

You're missing something ;-)

This is pretty clear in
"Several new global attributes are introduced as part of the
repetition model: repeat, repeat-start, repeat-min, repeat-max, and
repeat-template. When placed on elements in the namespace, they must be namespace-free
attributes, and when placed on other elements, they must be attributes
in the  namespace."
and a few lines below:
"An element in the namespace with the
repeat attribute  in no namespace, or an element in any other
namespace with the repeat attribute in the namespace, with the attribute's value
equal to "template", is a repetition template."
and so on...

Thomas Broyer

Received on Tuesday, 26 June 2007 22:23:04 UTC