Re: relevance of diverse HTML authoring practices [was: Versioning re-visited ...]

Le 26 juin 2007 à 02:35, scott lewis a écrit :
> What use is HTML except as a set of directions to a UA? How does  
> hiding the way a UA will process the mark-up from the author  
> improve things for her? That is to say, what intrinsic value does:
> 	<ul><li>one<li>two<li>three</ul>
> have? The fact that it should be displayed as a bulleted list is a  
> processing requirement for the UA. The semantic meaning of "an  
> unordered list with three items" is a processing requirement. I  
> don't understand how HTML could be defined properly in the absence  
> of describing UA behaviour.

Aside: An indexing bot, an aural browser, a tool to extract lists in  
a meaningful way do not display anything.

1. A conforming user agent must be able to parse
	and many other cases.

2. An author and an authoring tool could have the requirement or at  
least the recommended option of producing

1. and 2. are both compatible, doesn't harm anyone and would satisfy  
more people from what I gather from the different communities. It  
would be a nice compromise.

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