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Well said, Chaals.


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Charles McCathieNevile schrieb:
> On Mon, 25 Jun 2007 20:05:20 +0200, Maurice Carey 
> <> wrote:
>> If html5 is the official contination of html4.x and xhtml is an xml 
>> version of html4 and html5 will have an xml verion...why is there
>> still a completely separate XHTML2?
> In short, because there is a market for it. Some of the people who 
> take money to adapt content in various ways are big fans of XHTML 2.
>> Aren't all the major browsers members of this working group and 
>> pushed for html5 to be the official new version?
> Yes.
>> Won't that mean there'll likely not be anyone implementing xhtml2
>> when/if they ever finish writing their specs?
> No. There are people who implement XHTML 2 stuff already. It is just 
> that there is almost none of it on the open web, and there are 
> difficulties in implementing the two side by side, so there is not 
> much obvious motivation for a major browser vendor to implement XHTML 
> 2. (In practice one of the goals of XHTML 2 is to use more generic XML 
> technology. For example many of the important features of XHTML 2 
> already work in Opera, although not all of it - most notably we do not 
> implement Xforms so you need to use an extension if you rely on it).
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