Re: Choosing name for XML serialization

Dan Connolly wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-06-25 at 11:53 +1000, Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> Mark Birbeck wrote:
> [...]
>>> That's all fair enough, and people are entitled to pursue things
>>> however they think best. But it's a little rich now to come from this
>>> viewpoint and say that you want to create version 5 of XHTML.
>> The fact is, whether the XHTML2 WG likes it or not, we are creating a 
>> revision of XHTML by extending XHTML 1.x.  Therefore, it is correct for 
>> it to be called XHTML.  The XHTML2 WG, on the other hand, has been 
>> creating an entirely new language that is unrelated to XHTML 1.x in 
>> reality.
> Please...
> Claiming that something is "fact" or "reality" doesn't make it so;
> it's argument by assertion and not terribly polite.

The current spec states [1]:

   This specification is intended to replace (be the new version
   of) what was previously the HTML4, XHTML 1.x, and DOM2 HTML

and [2]:

   This specification represents a new version of HTML4 and XHTML1, [...]
   Migration from HTML4 or XHTML1 to the format and APIs described in
   this specification should in most cases be straightforward, as care
   has been taken to ensure that backwards-compatibility is retained.

which supports my assertion that we are extending XHTML 1.x.

As for my claim that XHTML2 is unrelated to XHTML1...

> it's more helpful to share the arguments that led you to it.

I believe I provided sufficient evidence in the remainder of my message 
that clearly demonstrated several instances where XHTML2 is 
significantly different from, and incompatible with, XHTML1.


Lachlan Hunt

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