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Can I suggest a slight change:

> Abstract
> HTML5 is a new version of the HTML language being developed by the HTML  
> WG. "HTML5 Differences from HTML4" provides some of the rationale for  
> the changes. HTML5 being currently developed, some information contained
                Since HTML5 is currently a draft beng actively developed,  

> in this document will not always be accurate. Always check the HTML5
   document may not be up to date.

> specification itself before sending comments. [HTML5]

> Status of this Document
> [boilerplate]
> This document is a Working Group Note, produced by the HTML Working  
> Group, part of the HTML Activity. The working group is working on a new  
> version of HTML5 not yet published under TR. In the meantime, you can  
> access to the HTML 5 Editors draft. This is the first draft of "HTML5  
> Differences from HTML4". The appropriate forum for comments is  
>, a mailing list with a public archive.
Is this a note, or a draft for a note?

It would be nice to give a little more idea of when we expect a draft of  
HTML 5 (in july?) and maybe even of this document...

> [more boilerplate]



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