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Le 23 juin 2007 à 14:17, Lachlan Hunt a écrit :
>>> More research on the issue is welcome.  In particular, evidence  
>>> of significant real world usage that provides a practical benefit  
>>> to users would be good.
>> And why should we bother? There has been a lot of efforts made  
>> previously by John (Folliot) and others in order to save summary  
>> and headers in tables. Still, the draft hasn't backed out one bit  
>> on the subject.
> Ok, let's put this in perspective, shall we?  Hixie has about 5000  
> unanswered emails (if not more) relating to hundreds of unresolved  
> issues, spanning over 3 years of development.  Rest assured that  
> the headers issue will be dealt with in due course.  A final  
> decision has not yet been made.

The lack of a proper bug/issues tracking system
1. creates frustration.
2. leads to discussions then time which would be better used for  
constructive comments.

Would someone or a pair of persons agreed on tracking issues on the  
I don't find hixie's inbox a reasonable system in terms of community.

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