Re: E-mail subscription and RSS

Hm, interesting

you can't subscribe and unsubscribe.

Did you try with subject:unsubscribe ?

Nikola Mitic

On Sat, 31 Mar 2007 18:02:04 +0300, Cameron McCormack <

> Justin Anthony Knapp:
>> Is there any way to make these Working Group e-mails an RSS subscription?
>> Right now, I just delete most of the e-mails without reading them, but it
>> would be much less of a hassle if I could get them all in one feed. Can
>> anyone take the initiative to do this? The most usable solution might even
>> be to have the option of e-mail delivery, RSS subscription, and newsgroup
>> posting; of course, that would put a burden on *someone* to actually do it.
> Yes, you can get an RSS feed to the mailing list.  From the public-html
> archive page[1], there's a link to the feed[2].

And how can I unsubscribe from this list then?

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