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Maurice Carey wrote:
> On 6/21/07 11:20 AM, "Josh Sled" <> wrote:
>>> JS> Also, I note the analog with <object type=...>.
>>> There is no analogy,
>>> because |type| of OBJECT specify technical characteristic,
>>> but |type| of _all_ tags at all specify semantic characteristic.
>> In the same way that <object type> specifies a technical characteristic (the
>> media type) of the referenced object, <code type> would specify a technical
>> characteristic (the media type) of the in-lined code.
> And then it would be easier for extension developers to write things the
> color code code blocks for people like me who spend a lot of time reading
> code on peoples web pages that's often not color coded.
> ....
> I'm not suggesting html have anything to do with defining color coding rules
> or anything of the sort. But I do agree that extra bit of important
> information would be Very useful to many people.

While the information may indeed be useful for such things, would it not
better belong in the lang="" attribute?

As far as I'm aware this is valid even now:

<code lang="x-php">
&lt;?php echo "Hello world!" ?&gt;

Thomas Pike
QA Engineer, Opera Software

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