Re: Choosing name for XML serialization (Was: Re: HTML5 differences from HTML4 editor's draft (XHTML5 and XHTML2))

On Jun 22, 2007, at 1:02 AM, Jirka Kosek wrote:

> Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>>> I would imagine the reaction of the XHTML2 WG is more to the name
>>> XHTML5 that would have the effect (whether intended or not) of  
>>> making
>>> XHTML2 seem obsoleted. XHTML1.5 would get around that (while still
>>> providing a link to HTML something like java 1.2/ J2EE 2).
>> I'd love to hear an official statement from the XHTML2 WG to that  
>> effect.
> Me too. But before asking we probably should make sure that members of
> out WG will be happy with XHTML1.5.

So long as the XHTML2 WG's official stance is that we shouldn't use  
the name "XHTML" at all, I prefer XHTML5 since it matches better with  
HTML5. I don't want to bend over backwards to compromise with a group  
that does not appear interested in compromise.

  - Maciej

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