Re: minor copy edits needed in HTML 5 draft

On Sun, 17 Jun 2007, Mike Brown wrote:
> 1. Look for "[[", as in "[[Get]]", replace with linked "get()" or 
> whatever

[[Get]] is an ECMAScript term.

> 2. I wish you wouldn't keep referring to "HTML4" "XHTML1" "HTML5" 
> "XHTML5" "XHTML2" "DOM2" etc. and would instead use unambiguous 
> references to specific documents, versions or version families.

Why? When one refers to "HTML4", what matters is the general concept of 
the language at its fourth major version, not, for example, whether you're 
referring to the version that referred to characters in examples using 
decimal or hex notation.

> For example, there is very inconsistent use of "XHTML", "XHTML1", "XHTML 
> 1.x", "XHTML 1.1" ... It's OK to say 1.x but if you just say "XHTML1" I 
> have no idea if you mean just 1.0 or 1.1 or both.

Why does it matter?

> 3. Fill in the references section to at least include the docs you've 
> referenced already.

References change too often to make this practical. Updates references has 
been a serious problem with previous specifications I've edited; I intend 
to not even look at making this section until the spec is in last call. If 
you have any specific references you need URIs for, let me know, I can 
provide them for you.

> 4. Make the Latest Version link at the top of the document, 
>, redirect to 
> or whatever, 
> rather than being 404 / Not Found.

This is sadly out of my control.

> 5. Section 1.3.1 typo: "numberic" -> "numeric"

Fixed. Thanks!

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