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> Please see below a note from a screen reader user:
> "Hi,I just wonder what they would want to do with this information.Web
> site design should not be screen-reader specific at all.It is unlikely
> that one would get any reliable figures, but the two most popular screen
> readers in use today is JAWS and Window-Eyes. All screen-readers use the
> same mechanisms to grab and present the information. What is important
> is not which screen-reader is used, but rather whether the
> browser/browser-plug-in that has to be used to access a web site,
> provides the relevant information to the accessibility layers in the
> operating systems. Other general issues are mostly covered in the
> accessibility guidelines, e.g. not to use images to convey text. As far
> as which versions of the screen-Readers are used, at any one time, I
> would say the last 3 or 4 versions of the screen-readers are in general
> use. These things are expensive and so are their upgrades. People cannot
> always use the latest versions. HTH, Willem"

Are there any open source screen readers?

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