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For your information...advice from Jim Thatcher.

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Hi Jim,

>> Would it be ok with you, if I forward the following to the HTML 5
>> Working Group?

> Absolutely.

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> My bottom line:
> It may be true that it is possible to restructure many complex data
> tables by adding rowgroup or colgroup elements to the table and by
> altering the spans of cells in such a way that the scope attribute
> can specify the header cells for all data cells. I am not convinced
> but it is true for some of the "classic" examples.
> That process is complicated and cumbersome. It basically requires
> rewriting the table.  Compare that with the headers/id approach. ANY
> Table with ANY relationship between heading cells and data cells can
> be defined directly by adding id attributes and headers attributes to
> the cells - not touching the structure of the table. ANY table ANY
> relationship. That is part of the reason why you see many examples of
> simple tables marked up with headers/id when they are not necessary
> and simple scope would work.
> The simple and algorithmic aspects of headers/id is why the screen
> reader vendors all now support it and none support rowgroup and
> colgroup. The algorithm the AT vendors would have to implement for
> the scope/group approach is much more complex to the point that I
> think it unlikely they would ever support it AND it would not catch
> everything.

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