Re: Raising issues in a way that the editors will pay attention to them

On 4 Jun 2007, at 15:33, James Graham wrote:

> A link to a page that has to work around the lack of a feature in  
> some sub-optimal way is a perfect example of how it would "Solve  
> Real Problems". Indeed if you are unable to find such a link you  
> will have to work much harder to convince people that the problem  
> being solved is indeed real. Also, it is very important to  
> understand how proposed features interact with legacy browsers so  
> having test documents that use the proposed feature is very valuble.

Sure. I agree on all of that. I also think that this should be the  
major approach and that this type of research is extremely important.  
But I think there should also be some room for activism and creative  
thinking. And I think it should be possible to take projections of  
future developments into account - even if it's not a problem on the  
current web.


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