Re: Formal Recorded Complaint

Just to illustrate why some arguments can be misunderstood sometimes  
(and there are more than two sides). James it is just taken as an  
example, so let's not make it a personal issue.

Le 1 août 2007 à 06:29, James Graham a écrit :
> I would argue that semantics-for-the-sake-of-semantics is not  
> Solving Real Problems (c.f. the design principles).

Why this sentence is an issue?
It paints a black and white situation. it characterizes two camps:

* one as a bunch of (not realistic) academics
* one as a bunch of (realistic)     engineers.

I have seen this debate in many places in different circumstances.

* the student of humanities/the student of engineering
* the teacher/the factory worker
* etc.

academics, teachers, students of humanities are dealing with *real*  
problems and they try to solve them.  So in a discussion, if we start  
by saying, "You are not in touch with reality", it removes all  
possibility of discussions and convergence. Because on both camps,  
people *know* they are dealing with real problems or issues. It is  
specifically why they are talking about.

An electrician and a physicist knows what a lamp is and what it does.
They have a complete different understanding of it though. It doesn't  
invalidate both of their points.

Just this simple sentence will put off many people in the discussion.  
If repeated over and over, I would, personally, quit such a group.

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