Re: authoring @lang (was 3.6. The root element)

Le 31 juil. 2007 à 13:14, Sander Tekelenburg a écrit :
> *Many* people run their system in their native language even they  
> though
> regularly publish in some other language.

yes. My two daily languages are French and (Fr)English
sometimes a bit of  Japanese (Chinese is fading away unfortunately).

> So silently inserting that a user's
> authoring environment's language into @lang would likely lead to  
> lots of
> incorrect @lang values, which would decrease the usefulness of  
> @lang in
> general.

As my email application already shows, it is annoying when values are  
imposed to you. Apple Mail here for example inserts a French preamble  
to the answer, and doesn't give me the possibility to choose the  
language for each answer.

> What *could* be required of authoring tools is that they encourage  
> the user
> to specify the language, and when the user doesn't, that the  
> authoring tool
> then does not output a lang atribute at all.
> I can even imagine that the
> authoring tool (unless configured otherwise) by default pre-selects  
> that
> user's default system language in a list of languages to choose  
> from. But it
> must require the user to confirm or change that selection. Not  
> silently
> insert any @lang value.

Indeed. A possibility is a requirement for authoring tools. For  
example, [Adobe Golive][1], when saving a new document where the  
title has not been yet defined, requests that the user to set it.

With the same pattern, by default the value could be null (except if  
the user set the global preferences) and when saving for the first  
time, the authoring tool could ask the user.
	"You are about to save the document
	without a lang attribute, go on or
	select the language".


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