Re: conflation of issues or convergence of interests?

2007/7/30, Sander Tekelenburg <>:
> "Screen magnification users: would have their access to information in an
> image's ALT attribute blocked by a TITLE attribute, especially, a null
> one."
> Empty title attributes are author mistakes (and should be warned for by
> checkers). I don't see the relevance to @title as specced. UAs should
> provide
> access to both @alt and @title. Thus again, a UA problem, nothing to do
> with
> @title.

They might not be an error but a deliberate way to work around the display
of alt as a tooltip:
You set up the page, the images nicely tagged with alt (well, not perfect
but close enough) and the client suddenly says: "hey, when I checked on my
computer all the images show some text when hovering them, I don't want
that.", so here comes an empty title to the rescue.

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