part of my review of 3.12 Phrase elements (importance <strong> element)

Consider deprecating <strong>.
With nested<em>, and CSS (including media rules) <strong> is no  
longer a very useful element. Changing its meaning (or adding a new  
<strong> element with a different meaning), as currently proposed by  
the draft causes a namespace collision. Particularly without  
versioning, it would be impossible to tell whether a document meant  
<strrong> as in strong emphasis or <strong> as in important. With the  
use of a HTML5 supplemental CSS stylesheete the introduction of  
<important> would be just as compatible and degrade gracefully.  
Authors particularly concerned about losing styling of <important>  
could use an embedded stylesheet.

Received on Thursday, 19 July 2007 13:53:38 UTC