Re: Namespace

Andrew Sidwell wrote:
> <span> and <div> are presentational hooks, so I don't see how using them
> is not using presentational elements.

Not exactly.  Span and div can have semantics that are expressed using 
attributes, such as lang="".

> "Meaningful class name" is oxymoronic, as far as UAs go, and I assume 
> you're not suggesting that everyone reads HTML in source form.  A class 
> name is an opaque string of text; "small" is no less meaningful than 
> "copyright", or "fribblewibblewobble" for that matter.

In general, yes, but useful semantics comes from the agreement between 
creator and consumer, and for class names, such agreements have been 
reached through the Microformats community.  So class names convey 
semantics under the right conditions.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Wednesday, 18 July 2007 09:16:09 UTC