Re: equivalent content must not be an either/or proposition

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> first of all, it's not alternate, but equivalent content that is
> needed, and for it to be effective for certain user groups, it
> will be necessary to break out of the toggle mindset (load
> images/do not load images) for their need is a side-by-side
> explication of the still image, not a choice between the image
> and rich fallback content

Just to clarify this use case a bit (I will do so on the Wiki as well).  
There are many people who have partial vision - which comes in a lot of  
flavours. Sometimes they can make out the image, sometimes not. When a  
page was designed with a graphical vision in mind, being able to see that  
is valuable - but sometimes you also need the help provided by the  
equivalent content. The list of reasons why this might apply is long and  
involved, but can include factors such as colour balance, contrast, image  
detail, position on the page, as well as external features of the user's  
current environment.



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