alignment of <input>-s and their pseudo-elements (was: Re: Improving alt (was handling fallback content for still images))

Good day, Robert.

RB> 3) the <legend>
RB> 4) @alt (on <img> anyway)
RB> I look at this list and it all seems like it has its place.

  I object.
  <legend> are always directly side-by-side to <input>,
for which <legend> is intended.
Let browser understand properties 'text-align' and 'vertical-align'
for pseudo-elements ::before and ::after
(and ::above and ::below in addition to them)
_separately_ from understanding these properties for <input>-s !
Thus <input>-s and their pseudo-elements will be in two parallel line
like inside table ... without <table> !

  Tail is to use value of @alt as content of pseudo-elements.

input {
  text-align: left;
input::before {
  text-align: left;
  content: attr(alt);

But this behaviour of browser should be standardized by CSS WG.

Dmitry Turin
HTML6     (6.1.0)
SQL4      (4.1.0)
Computer2 (2.0.3)

Received on Wednesday, 11 July 2007 13:31:05 UTC