Re: handling fallback content for still images

Robert Burns wrote:
> The point Henri, is you took a thread about something else and turned it 
> into a discussion about the parser. It wasn't about the parser until you 
> arrived. The confusion was introduced when you made it about the parser. 
> It was about HTML5 UAs (bigger than the parser).

Sorry, I'm really confused.

It would be really helpful if you could summarize the issues that you 
are trying to address in this thread; I really seem to be lost amongst 
the various discussions and subthreads.

It would be really useful if, any time you want to talk about the 
parsing-behavior of current UAs, you could post the source of some 
example input and DOM produced from that input. The Live DOM Viewer 
should make this easy for the non-XML case. It would also be helpful if 
you could compare this behavior with that in the current spec; the 
html5lib parsetree viewer provides a simple[1] way to do this.

Sorry to anyone who is following this thread (or anyone who simply 
doesn't care about this topic) for the extra email. I hope at least 
someone else will find the clarification helpful.


[1] But, of course, possibly buggy!

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