Re: handling fallback content for still images

On Jul 9, 2007, at 3:56 AM, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> The text/html serialization and the HTML5 parsing algorithm have an  
> intimate relationship. It makes no sense to talk about the  
> properties of the serialization without understanding how it gets  
> parsed, because UAs act on the result of the parse.

But the current thread requires we consider both parsers (HTML5 and  
XML) and a lot more. You jump in here and assume we don't have these  
tidbits of wisdom, but if you read the thread thoroughly you would  
have seen all of the participants already understand what you're  
saying. Its insulting.

The point Henri, is you took a thread about something else and turned  
it into a discussion about the parser. It wasn't about the parser  
until you arrived. The confusion was introduced when you made it  
about the parser. It was about HTML5 UAs (bigger than the parser).

You are fascinated by these facts that we all understand. We are here  
because we bring certain expertise about this. I have found insight  
in almost every post I read here. Yet I get the feeling that every- 
time you read someone else's post here, you assume they don't have a  
clue. Then you provide "answers" that we already know.

And you've been complaining about the volume of email on the list.  
Responding to posts by assuming everyone else doesn't understand,  
only multiplies the number of posts here, as we try to clarify that a  
thread isn't as novice as you think it is.

Take care,

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