Re: [W3C docs] We should teach by example.

Michael A. Puls II wrote:

>> > 5. In the css, I see the last property for a selector is not terminated
>> > with ;
>>     In CSS, ";" is a separator, not a terminator
> You are correct and I don't dispute that.
> However, I'm talking about situations where you format it programming
> style like:
> test {
>    property: value;
>    property: value
> }
> , which would just look better with an extra separator and would be
> more presentable to those nitpicking about such things.

I disagree.  It may look better to you with an additional separator:
to me, the following looks better (note that I also align my
braces differently).  Both are correct.

   property: value;
   property: value

Philip Taylor

Received on Saturday, 7 July 2007 14:51:13 UTC