Re: unify ancient attributes

On 6/28/07 4:23 AM, "Dmitry Turin" <> wrote:

> Good day.
> Attributes SRC, ACTION, DATA, HREF have sense as address, i.e. designate the
> same.
> So i offer to use single name (for example, SRC) in all cases,
> and abolish names HREF, ACTION, DATA.
> To replace whole tag by a file (<img src= >)
> or to inform, where to take a file (<a href= >), depends of tag (instead of
> attribute).

I absolutely love this idea. I was teaching basic html to someone years ago
and they essentially said the same thing.
Lol, I'll always remember him saying "html gets the job done, yeah, but when
you're writing it, if you think about it, it's really kind of stupid."

You know this is gonna start another argument about backwards compatibility
with SRC and current AT not supporting it right? You should probably pick
another name in advance.

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