Re: Accesskey - spec proposal

On Jul 4, 2007, at 9:03 AM, Sander Tekelenburg wrote:

> Quite the contrary. Limited screen real estate makes it extra useful  
> to be
> able to activate things without having to scroll your ass off to  
> locate them
> first.

Most web sites achieve this by putting common navigation links near  
the top.

> Imagine a single 'magic' button on your mobile that brings up a menu
> listing all <a rel="">s. No need to see the web page itself at that  
> moment,
> so it can take up the entire screen.

That actually doesn't sound like good UI to me. It's a modal interface  
that hides the contextual information - the whole point of hypertext  
is that the link text is given context by the surrounding text. It  
might still be worth it in some contexts, but it certainly doesn't  
sound like great UI offhand.

Most modern browsers try to avoid putting excess controls in the UI  
chrome to let the page itself be the focus, and having a "links or  
controls that might be important" menu cuts against that.


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