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>> On Jul 3, 2007, at 3:08 AM, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:


>>> Where a link can be described accurately using a technique with
>>> predefined
>>> semantics such as the rel attribute, authors should use that in
>>> preference to accesskey. [...]
>> It's not clear to me how rel and accesskey are substitutes for each
>> other. Do we expect rel values to have predefined keyboard shortcuts in
>> browsers?
> Yes. or some other simple mechanism for activating it - that provides
> consistency much wider than a single website for common things like next,
> table of contents, etc.

To exand, I wrote up that problem and solution over 7 years ago:
<>. The main addition Chaals
proposes (and was implemented in Opera 5 or 6 for Mac already, IIRC) is to
assign some none mouse-only activation mechanism in the UA.

What's interesting is to include accesskey in this approach. I think it makes
sense, but it should be made clear to authors that they should provide
accesskey only when rel isn't an option. Might be confusing to them.


>> And screen real estate is too precious to add a menu just for this
>> relatively obscure feature.

Quite the contrary. Limited screen real estate makes it extra useful to be
able to activate things without having to scroll your ass off to locate them
first. Imagine a single 'magic' button on your mobile that brings up a menu
listing all <a rel="">s. No need to see the web page itself at that moment,
so it can take up the entire screen.

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