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> At 23:21  +0200 2/07/07, aurélien levy wrote:
>> Is anybody have ideas about this issue :
>> - Actualy i see no way to have synchronized caption and  
>> audiodescription on video element (except from directly embed caption  
>> or audiodescription in the video itself) or is the media + source  
>> element here to achieve things like that ? why did not you take the  
>> SMIL audio and text element ?
>> Aurélien
> The model is that the content itself either has some kind of  
> accessibility "burned in" (e.g. burned-in captions), or can adapt itself  
> to an accessibility need.  That's it.  I think it would be a mistake for  
> HTML to try to get into the realm of media layup languages, file  
> formats, synchronization requirements, and so on.  These are properly  
> the domain of SMIL and media systems.
> So yes, the media source is supposed to take care of this.  One could  
> reasonably embed a SMIL file as the target of a video element, for  
> example.
> Makes sense?

In a scenario where there is no known format in the first place, how does  
that impact the cost of making burned-in accessibility? Is it easy to  
transfer from format to format, as the video encoding is? If we don't  
mandate some format, then how many do we expect to have to provide?


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