Re: Un-subscribe from public-html without leaving HTMLWG?

Yes, this would be a handy option.

Even with the mail being filtered to W3C, and then even with Apple  
Mail's threading... it still is daunting to even think of looking at  
500+ emails per day. Something similar to forums allows a person to  
just look at the threads they want, without being overwhelmed by the  
rest. Most forums allow you to subscribe to a particular thread as  
well... though that may be a bit much to ask for a mailing list.

Thanks, Nathan.

On 3-Jul-07, at 9:35 PM, Michael A. Puls II wrote:

> On 7/1/07, Karl Dubost <> wrote:
>> I'm willing to ask the system team, but first I need to clarify the
>> incentive to stay on the WG if not participating? People are not
>> forced to be on the HTML WG to follow the discussions.
> I think the idea is to just turn off email notification, not  
> unsubscribe.
> With forums,  you don't have to rely on email notification. You can
> just check the thread in your browser and respond if want. Turning off
> email notification doesn't require you to unsubscribe from the forum.
> With this group, you should be able to do the same thing. You should
> be able to turn off email notification, check the archives in your
> browser and respond when you want (plus fill out surveys etc. when you
> want).
> The bonus of doing it this way is that you don't have to manage the
> mail. You just rely on the archives.
> Now, one can argue that you should use an email client that can handle
> the mail in a nice way and one can argue that just using the archive
> is not a good way to participate. However, that's not for us to
> decide. It's up to the individual. If one wants to rely on the
> archive, we should just say "O.K." and provide the option *if
> possible*.
> A "Turn off email notifications. I will rely on the archives." option,
> would probably do it.
> Is that option hiding around somewhere?
> -- 
> Michael

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