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> Please add anything more you think is relevant.

Thanks for making this summary! I added this to the "Style attribute  
has no media information" section:

Most stylesheets included with non-scoped <style> or with <link> do  
not set media-scoped styles. @media rules are rare, and <link  
rel="stylesheet"> rarely specifies a media attribute. Given this,  
there is little evidence that authors will be more likely to scope  
their styles to particular media just because they have a mechanism  
that allows it. And indeed, for many styles, doing so is not needed  
to achieve media-independent styling. For instance, property  
definitions like "font-weight: bold" or "font-size: 2em" don't really  
need to be set differently between different visual media and are  
irrelevant to non-visual media. Including both style="" and <style  
scoped> would allow a convenient way to set local styles that  
degrades gracefully, as well as a less backwards compatible but more  
powerful mechanism that allows media selection and full rules with  
selectors. - Maciej Stachowiak, Mon, 2 Jul 2007.


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