Re: html 5 and accessibility issue - need of fallback content

Lachlan Hunt wrote:
>> Just a reel example:
>> yes i can improve Flash content accessibility but for a perfect experience user need to have have Jaws >= 7, the right plugin version, IE and windows, so there is still a lot of case where the user have the plugin and still can't have access to it even if the content is itself accessible. I don't even mention the fact that actually a keyboard user in firfox can't have access to any plugin content since i need the mouse to focus the object or the fact that an accessible flash is still a lot more difficult to use and understand than his accessible html fallback (flash accessibility is just a focus order and linear list of textual alternative).
> That's a good example of how technical limitations can have an impact on accessibility, but it's really does just boil down to technical limitations.  

The question is, is HTML the right place to solve such limitations [...]

Thats a good point Lachlan but its important to realise that the
decisions the WG makes will have a tangible effect on users who are not
using the platform/AT etc that supports the spec.

I guess, somewhere a line has to be drawn but as long as the users of
older technologies are still supported by authors who know what they are
doing this approach will be OK. Now all we need are some HTML authors
who know what they are doing.


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