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> On Mon, 2 Jul 2007, Rene Saarsoo wrote:
>> The main problem (for me) with <dl>, is that it's pretty hard to style
>> with CSS.
> That's a problem with CSS, not with <dl>. (It applies to a number of HTML
> constructs, e.g. implied sections, label/control groups, styling runs of
> elements with the same class, etc.)

Hmm. So CSS is really only designed for styling highly structured  
languages? Or at least languages that enable very structured grouping,  
like SVG (where there is no compulsion to group, but it is trivially easy)?

HTML 5 already looks like it is addressing this issue - e.g. with section.  
label/control groups can be marked in fieldsets, but it is not easy to  
group them individually in principle (in practice, they are often laid out  
with a container, so itis not such a problem). This might be a solution to  
the problem that is in line with others begin introduced.

The suggestion made by someone that a singleton dt is "stupid" is  
incorrect. There are a number of cases where a term might be listed  
without a definition.

If anyone wants to play with a proof of concept for di, Amaya has it at  
least in its authoring structure - I am not sure if it explicitly makes it  
available for styling. It is certainly useful in building a WYSIWYG  
interface to manipulate dl contents.



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