Re: some thoughts on objections to publishing ""HTML 5 differences from HTML 4"

On 6/29/07, Dan Connolly <> wrote:

> First, a "No, disagree" response says
>> "Rationale based on design principles, for each and every
>> dropped/added/changed element and attribute should be supplied."
> Well, perhaps it should. By all means, please do provide it.
> But until you do, to argue against publication because it hasn't been
> provided isn't helpful.

Okay, I've started justification pages* for them in the wiki and added
links for them to the issues page [1]. The framework is now there.
"Some" rationale is there. I did my best to help set things up. But as
Rob said, I am, like most of the working group is, in the dark
regarding rationale for previous dropped/added/changed element and
attribute decisions made by WHAT WG. Therefore much is lacking.

If anyone knows of further rationale please add it. If anything needs
revision, please revise it.

> I am quite sympathetic to...
>> "In order to apply consistent decision making throughout the
>> specification, it is critical to come to consensus on the design
>> principles."
> By all means, please contribute to the design principles text(s).

Thanks. I have offered a few suggestions [2] [3] and may offer more.

> But I don't understand this as an argument against publishing
> the difference document.

Publishing the differences document before coming to consensus on the
design principles is backward.

No agreed upon principles, at best result in decisions (e.g.
dropping/adding/changing elements and attributes) without foundation.

At worst it results in arbitrary, inconsistent, injust, partial,
wrong-headed, and discriminating decisions.

Like TBL said, "design principles very hairy...journey of arriving on
consensus valuable; have whole group in on discussion, creates common
vocabulary and trust in one another..." [4]

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* If a wiki page already existed on the subject, I linked to that.
Laura L. Carlson

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