Re: LONGDESC: some current problems and a proposed solution added to the wiki

2007/7/1, Peter Krantz:
> Ok, I was assuming that readers of this thread could imagine some
> other scenario. Let's change the example to make it more realistic:
> <picture src="">
>   <p>The coferedat  brigades of Lee, Thomas and Schfield  surround the
> city of Atlanta.</p>
>   <p>2 miles from Atlanta, close to Ezra church, Logan's base camp was
> set up.</p>
>   <p>Inside atlanta were:</p>
>   <ul>
>     <li>....</li>
>   </ul>
> </picture>

Another try, inspired from

<p><a href="#figure-4">Figure 4</a> shows the GridView after a number
of rows have been selected for deletion. <a href="#figure-5">Figure
5</a> shows the screen immediately after the "Delete Selected
Products" button has been clicked. Note that in Figure 5 the
<code>ProductID</code> values of the deleted records are displayed in
the <code>Label</code> beneath the <code>GridView</code> and those
rows are no longer in the <code>GridView</code>.</p>

<figure id="figure-4">
  <picture src="65fig04VBs.gif">
    <p>Checkboxes for the first, second, third, seventh, eighth and
tenth lines are checked.</p>
  <legend>Figure 4: The Selected Products Will Be Deleted (<a
href="65fig04VB.png">Click to view full-size image</a>)</legend>

<figure id="figure-5">
  <picture src="65fig05VBs.gif">
    <p>Products previously selected have disappeared from the grid and
the following text has been added below the grid:</p>
    <p><samp>ProductID 1 has been deleted<br>
      ProductID 2 has been deleted<br>
      ProductID 3 has been deleted<br>
      ProductID 7 has been deleted<br>
      ProductID 8 has been deleted<br>
      ProductID 10 has been deleted<br>
  <legend>Figure 5: The Deleted Products' ProductID Values are Listed
Beneath the GridView (<a href="65fig05VB.png">Click to view full-size

Thomas Broyer

Received on Sunday, 1 July 2007 13:40:31 UTC