Transition and publication requests initiated for HTML5 FPWD [was: ISSUE-19 html5-spec: HTML 5 specification release(s) due Feb 2008]

Dan Connolly <>, 2007-12-18 21:44 -0600:

> On Tue, 2007-12-18 at 18:07 -0800, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> > More seriously... I think February 26 is a fine deadline. Like Ian,  
> > Lachlan and others, I'd like to know what the remaining obstacles are  
> > to publishing by this deadline, or ahead of it as encouraged by the  
> > Director
> I think we're in pretty good shape to publish, except that our
> team contact is going on holiday tomorrow for a couple weeks.

That need not any way impede the publication schedule. I'll remain
available for the rest of this month, just at reduced hours -- and
I'll be in the US, in a timezone that will make it easier for me
than usual to communicate in real time with others in the US and
Europe to coordinate the publication.

> I was thinking about putting the question in early January
> and seeing what kind of responses we get, but I can't think
> of any specific reason not to do it sooner; I'm sure I can
> get somebody to fill in for Mike for the couple days that
> it takes to coordinate publication.

I'm at the airport now and will be dropping offline in about an
hour or so to board a flight, then offline for the next 18 hours
or so after that. In the interest of getting the ball rolling on
publication -- and not being the bottleneck that prevents the
group from going forward with it, I've gone ahead and initiated
the FPWD transition request and publication request.

  Transition request:

  Publication request:

I suspect I may need to modify the "Status of This Document"
section before the actual publication, but I hope that other
preparation for the publication can proceed in parallel to any
discussion about modifications to the Status section.

I'll be back around again on Wednesday evening US time, all day on
Thursday and Friday, and as needed next week to handle the
remaining coordination on the publication.


Michael(tm) Smith

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