Re: Baby Steps or Backwards Steps?

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 08:34:35PM +1000, Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> Seriously, of the following alternatives, which is better for a 
> non-decorative content image, in the cases where good alternative text is 
> not available?
> 1. No alt attribute.
> 2. Empty alt attribute.
> 3. Alt text with a redundant value (one that just repeats surrounding 
> content such as its heading or caption)
> 4. Alt text with a value like alt="photo" or other similar value.

3 followed by 4, in that preference order.

3 at least unambiguously identifies this image (provided that the title or
caption is distinct). 4 at least indicates that the image is possibly
non-decorative, potentially significant content, and alerts the reader to the
fact that the document author hasn't made an effort to supply useful ALT text,
possibly providing site-specific or language-specific advice depending on the
authoring tool and its configuration.

> Given that the practical effect of requiring the alt attribute everywhere, 
> including photo sites like Flickr, is typically one of those options, what 
> benefits do options 2, 3 or 4 offer over option 1?

See above.

The most important consideration, however, is to design HTML producing
applications so as to minimize the occurrence of this scenario.

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