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Re: [suggestion] Allow DIV inside any element

From: M. Jackson Wilkinson <jackw-w3c@jounce.net>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 17:27:01 -0400
Message-ID: <46365F25.4030104@jounce.net>
CC: public-html@w3.org

Andrew Stibbard wrote:
> Marat Tanalin wrote:
>> I suggest to allow using DIV element inside any element (probably except
>> tables).
> This seems purely presentational, and I think would be best kept in the
> domain of CSS (using :nth-child or :nth-of-type for styling ranges comes
> to mind).

I'm not so sure that it is purely presentational.  In the current DL 
model, there is no obvious indication of hierarchy between a DT and a 
DD, where there should be.

I don't think that being able to group using a DIV is necessarily the 
right solution, but I've come up with two things that could help after 
thinking briefly about it.  I figure that many have hashed this out time 
and again, but maybe there's something useful here:

1. Use LI

We use list items in the other two forms of lists to group associated 
content in one way or another, and allowing for the LI to be used in a 
DL context would make a lot of sense and serve this purpose directly.  ie:

		<dt>Item 1</dt>
		<dd>Item 1's associated content</dd>
		<dt>Item 2</dt>
		<dd>Item 2's associated content</dd>

2. Allow DD to be a child of DT

Part of what bugs me about this is that I see DDs as being semantic 
children of DTs.  That is to say that each definition should be 
hierarchically attributed to a DT, but this is not made clear at the moment.

This seems messy in my head, but it meets my needs as far as this issue 
is concerned:

	<dt>Item 1
		<dd>Item 1's associated content</dd>
	<dt>Item 2
		<dd>Item 2's associated content</dd>

I really dislike how the term seemingly just hangs out there, but it 
otherwise works for me.


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