Re: Introduce <term> element

On 4/28/07 3:58 AM, "Mike Schinkel" <> wrote:

> Laurens Holst wrote:
>> It carries exactly the same semantics as <dfn>, with the difference
>> being that <dfn> is only used on the defining instance of that term,
>> and <term> can be used on the other instances.
> Who really uses <dfn> anyway?!?  Some say it's forgotten [1].  Maybe
> that's because it's so obtuse? ;-)

If I were making some kind of web based school book I'd probably want to
make a script that dynamically assigned <dfn> tags to every word on the
current page longer than 5 letters. And maybe have a browser extension that
kept track of defined words encountered in that subjects literature with
links back to every page/paragraph where the word was encountered.

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