Re: Desing principles - Support World Languages example added

Laurens Holst wrote:
> In the design principles, at the Support World Languages item I have
> added the following paragraphs:

Hmm, I'm reading this page
( and I see:

"SupportWorldLanguages: Enable publication in all world languages. But
this should not be taken as equalizing writing systems by prohibiting
features that don't apply to all of them. *Features to localize a single
web page to multiple locales are also out of scope.*"

I'm quite surprised by the last sentence. Why localization features are
out of scope? Given the current state of the world a lot of web pages
are being localized and thus HTML should provide at least basic support
for this. As a minimum, you should be able to say which parts of web
page should be translated and which not.

For illustration, I'm attaching silly example of feature which is
currently missing in HTML:

<p xmlns:its="">President <span
its:translate="no">Bush</span> visited bush.</p>

Or if you really can't stand namespaces and want all markup integrated
into one large all-encompassing HTML:

<p>President <span translate="no">Bush</span> visited bush.</p>

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