Re: Support Existing Content (was: Proposed Design Principles review)

On 28 apr 2007, at 00.06, Brad Fults wrote:

> Somehow I think there is still much confusion surrounding the goals of
> this working group, its proposed design "principles", and the goals of
> the WHAT WG's "Web Applications 1.0" (AKA "HTML5") draft.

Yes, there most definitely is.

>  - The are *two* primary objectives in the WHAT WG's "HTML5" draft:
>    1. A specification of the parsing requirements *for browser
> vendors* to render the content on the web today.
>    2. A specification of a language evolved from HTML 4 with new
> language features *for content authors* that relies on those parsing
> requirements.

Thanks for explaining that.

> The success of this group requires a conspicuous separation between
> these two objectives, one concerning only browser vendors and one
> primarily concerning content authors.

And which objective concerns standards-aware web developers? From  
previous discussions here, it seems that "content authors" means  
"people with little or no knowledge of HTML".

> The aforementioned proposed design principle, "Support Existing
> Content" applies wholly and solely to #1 on this list.

Ok, fine, then that doesn't apply to me. Phew.



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