Re: Support Existing Content

I don't understand the issue.

Surely any browser manufacturer is always going to have a mode that  
will render older pages.
What is preventing them having an HTML5 mode, which may or may not  
build upon their previous engine.

That way, you visit a page that you used to (google, bank, etc)  
browser uses 'old' mode.
You visit an HTML5 page, browser uses the new mode.

Why is this a problem?

On 27 Apr 2007, at 11:54, Lachlan Hunt wrote:

> Doug Schepers wrote:
>>> SupportExistingContent: Browsers implementing the new version of  
>>> HTML should still be able to handle existing content...
>> Now I'm sure I disagree with it.
> Put it this way: How would you like it if, when you upgraded your  
> browser, many sites you visit regularly (e.g. news sites, your  
> bank, Google, or whatever) that used to work, no longer do in the  
> new version?
> Sure, you could argue that such sites should be fixed.  But, in  
> reality, many sites are just going to tell users to use another  
> browser, and many users are going to complain about the browser no  
> longer working and file bug reports.  That doesn't help anyone,  
> that just punishes users.
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> Lachlan Hunt

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