RE: About the Web Forms 2 proposal -- from a proposed design principles point of view

On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 19:05 -0400, Dailey, David P. wrote:
> On Thu 4/26/2007 3:29 PM Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> >Web Forms 2 has taken as much features from XForms as possible to the 
> >extend that it is feasible to integrate the XForms features in a model 
> >that needs to be compatible with deployed HTML content and HTML 
> >implementations.
> I see from the above that you are petitioning for a variance from the
> "don't reinvent the wheel" aphorism, for the reason that it is
> impossible to get there without a new kind of wheel.

I don't read that as "reinvent the wheel" ... I read it as "WF2 wants to
extend HTML4 forms with the goodness XForms suggests, but without
reinventing the wheel ('remaining compatible with deployed HTML

> Given that other XMLand other web technologies have come to depend on
> XForms, what impact, if any, would HTML's variance from the zoning
> ordinance have that might cause deterioration of the neighborhood? An
>  Is that how the design principles will work? Frankly, I'd prefer a
> whole lot less formality, than I fear the "manifesto" may promote. 

I don't believe anyone else is suggesting that the design principles
would "work" in such an obnoxious way.

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