RE: HTML WG teleconference 2007-04-26 minutes for review

On Thu 4/26/2007 4:52 PM Dan Connolly wrote

Thanks, Gregory, for taking notes. I edited them
to produce minutes
  Date: 2007/04/26 20:48:57

I'm inclined to take a few days to incorporate comments.

Since I am missing from the role call, it probably doesn't matter that the quotes attributed to me are slightly abridged and far less eloquent sounding than they were at the time.
In addition to pointing out a distinction between describing and prescribing people's belief systems, I also recall pointing out that I did not understand some of the principles and that others I disagreed with. 
<sarcasm>I think one of the design principles should be that anyone who is allowed to vote on principles should first pass a literacy test demonstrating their understanding of those principles. I will then be summarily disenfranchised (along with a goodly chunk of the WG) and can in good faith then start my own WG for a right proper HTML after all.</sarcasm>

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