Re: HTML WG teleconference 2007-04-26 minutes for review

On Apr 26, 2007, at 23:52, Dan Connolly wrote:

>   Date: 2007/04/26 20:48:57

Attributed to me:
"but XForms no implementation"

Should be:
"but XForms Transitional is not an implementable spec" (where I meant  
interoperably implementable; not sure if I said it)

"Henri: have to answer to someone; if look at repeating as example,  
easy to build list of items; help if repeating structure had a  
consistent behavior when try to nest it; at least 2 level nesting  
VERY important to get right;
... there are examples of nesting for Web Forms 2 - best to post  
specific use case / scenario where you think things are lacking
... vision for XForms Trans for non-professional authors; server-side  
portion - can such a product be made before standardization"

Only the last line is mine. I think the earlier lines in that block  
belong to John Boyer, but I am not sure.

Henri Sivonen

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