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Good day, Thomas.

TB> "Low-skill users", as you call them, won't ever be able to make OLAP
TB> cubes in pure SQL.
TB> They'll either use reporting tools (Crystal Reports, MS Reporting
TB> Services, MS Access, Jasper Reports, etc.) or connect their Excel /
TB> Open Office Calc to their database and use pivot tables, and then
TB> export into HTML (or simply copy/paste into their HTML editor).

Russian applied specialists can.
It's true.
Especially about physicists.

TB> server-side "helper
TB> classes" (their must be something in PHP doing what you have in mind

I already thought about this.
Look at TML

TB> Let's low-skill users use tools designed for them, or just improve
TB> their skills (that's how everyone began coding, isn't it?)

Tools don't satisfy all needs,
and job of coding must be reduced so much, as it's possible.

TB> you'll want more dimensions

Display is fundamentally 2D.
Human vision is fundamentally 3D.
Display will never show information with dimension, more than 3.

TB> hard to learn for everyone

There is no way, which hard or easy -
there is way, which is MORE hard or easy, than another way.
Let's compare at least any two ways.

TB> even the 95% of people that do not need multi-dimensional tables.

I already wrote, that people don't remember and confuse two things:
un-impossible things, un-desirable things.
People have much reflexes.

Dmitry Turin

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