Fwd: Re[4]: New html-element: table3

Good day, Preston.

Maybe the following way is better ?
With rules:
1. TSIDE must be always before TBODY
2. TABLE has not any additional (special) attributes
3. Presence of TSIDE means, that
 3.1) TBODY has no TR
 3.2) TD can go in any order inside TBODY
 3.3) place of TD in table is specified
      by its attributes "row" and  "col"

<th id=1>ColName1</th>
<th id=2>ColName2</th>
<th id=3>ColName3</th>
<th id=1>RowName1</th>
<th id=2>RowName2</th> 
<th id=3>RowName3</th>
<td row=1 col=10>Data11</td>
<td row=1 col=20>Data12</td>
<td row=1 col=30>Data13</td>
<td row=2 col=10>Data21</td> 
<td row=2 col=20>Data22</td>
<td row=2 col=30>Data23</td>
<td row=3 col=10>Data31</td>
<td row=3 col=20>Data32</td>
<td row=3 col=30>Data33</td> 

Dmitry Turin

Received on Thursday, 26 April 2007 05:44:50 UTC