Re: Separation of versioning concerns

On Apr 25, 2007, at 4:45 AM, Sam Ruby wrote:

> Definition:
>  "most" ::= greater than 67%
> Observations (best if used by: April 2007):
>  * most people use IE
>  * most pages look just fine in pretty much any modern browser

I have a caveat about this point. Yes, by your definition, more than  
67% of pages look fine. However, it only takes a few pages looking  
wrong in a particular browser to upset its users and make them  
consider switching. Sometimes it only takes one high-profile site  
failing catastrophically. So, we shouldn't be complacent about the  
current level of web interoperability, nor cavalier about the costs  
of an existing browser breaking compatibility.

I do agree with your main point that we should balance the needs of  
interoperability on the public web with compatibility for browser- 
specific internal sites.


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