Re: Parsing of HTML fragments

On Apr 24, 2007, at 2:54 PM, Dão Gottwald wrote:

> Edward O'Connor schrieb:
>>> One thing I strongly believe need to be defined clearly is how HTML
>>> fragments, such as those in Atom documents, are to be parsed.
> Which concrete problems do you see?
>> If this WG adopts the WHATWG draft, I imagine this would be  
>> handled by the
>> innerHTML parsing mode.
> Um, not necessarily. A feed consumer doesn't have to use innerHTML  
> to insert fragments into a given document. In fact, HTML fragments  
> can be delivered as XML nodes instead of CDATA.

If HTML fragments are delivered using the XML serialization then  
there is no parsing issue, but there is still a question of how to  
process the resulting elements if displayed as [X]HTML, in UAs that  
give different behavior based on spec version.


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