RE: HTML5 proposal response

Daniel Glazman wrote:
>Chris, I am not playing the devil's advocate here but only thinking
>at loud. You're not the only Microsoft representative into this Group,
>so could the "group of microsofters" here be more present so you can
>chair more - I mean without having so many corporate issues in mind and
>having to face so many harsh messages - and let your colleagues
>advocate? Even if you are in the background, having Microsoft corporate
>views being expressed by someone else but you would help a lot, I think.

That was exactly my thinking in getting a couple of other participants from Microsoft, although in practice it's proving difficult to make it work effectively.  This WG gets SO much traffic, it is a significant challenge to keep up, as I'm sure you all understand, particularly with the need to in-depth review the entire WHATWG HTML5 proposal.  Miller is a standards guy across the company, and his participation is intended to inject some viewpoint from other groups and products; Cyra is a member of the IE team, and she is the one that I've asked to take the advocate position, but right now I'm afraid she's spending the bulk of her time on product development.


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