Re: HTML5 proposal response

On 4/20/07, Ian Hickson <> wrote:
> If I am to be editor, I
> will take input from many sources -- I won't only take input from this
> working group, ignoring blogs, forums, bug databases, etc -- as I have
> previously indicated. I don't see how this would not mean that we don't
> "own" the specification. I wouldn't want to be an editor if the operating
> model is that the editor merely waits for formal decisions before making
> any changes -- such a development model would change our timeline from
> 15-years-to-REC to something more on the order of 50-years-to-REC, and
> would be far to stressful an environment for me.

What about indicating to the WG the existence of theses sources and
let him react ? We don't own the spec, but "This group will maintain
and produce incremental revisions to the HTML specification"
(, not "This
group will help the editor maintain...".

So as an editor, you have to take your material from the group. As a
group member, you have to indicate any intersting ressource.

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